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How to Play

Game Rules
  • This is a meeting place in the late 60's. You are a member of the organizing committee of a meeting.
  • There was an unjustified intervention of power just prior to the departure of the demonstration, causing confusion among the various factions in the venue.
  • Please guide the demonstration so that there are no skirmishes between the various factions.
  • If all participants can be demonstrated, the first side will be cleared.
  • The demonstrators lined up randomly, wearing helmets like the one pictured below.
  • If two or more of the same faction are lined up vertically or horizontally, they can be clicked on to demonstrate.
  • If there are participants above them, they will close ranks in the gap they have taken (downward).
  • When there are no more participants in a line, the line is closed to the left.
  • When there are no more participants left to click, the game is over.
  • Once all participants in the demonstration have departed, proceed to the next stage.
About each button
  • [reset] --- Abandon your current play and start a new game.
  • [undo] --- Restore the state before one click.
  • [hint] --- You can see where the participants you can guide are. Press again to release.
About Scores
  • Points added each time a participant is put on demonstration. => (Guided participants - 2)squared
    (For example, 2 cores are worth 0 points, 3 cores are worth 1 point, 4 cores are worth 4 points, and 5 cores are worth 9 points...)
  • Score added when all participants are demonstrated (face clear) => 1000 points
About Ranking
  • If you are ranked at the end of the game, you can post your record.
  • If you are not ranked at the time of submission, we regret to inform you that you will not be recorded.
  • In case of equal scores, records will be ranked in the order in which they were submitted.
  • Rankings will be recorded for the top 100 positions for the month.
  • The previous month's ranking and the total ranking can be viewed in the same way.
operating conditions
  • The game section is in JavaScript, so please play in a browser that supports it.
  • In creating the image of the helmet used in the game frame, I used the icons used in the Marukyoren ForumMarukyoren Forum as a reference.

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Image Creation Reference:Revolutionary Marxist Federation Forum

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