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Yui is a revolutionary

(Now translating!)
“Too late to act out, too early to give up”: a romance simulation game set in the world of the student movement of the 80s. The heroine is fully voiced.

Sect SameGame

(Translation complete)
The rally site is in chaos due to unjustified intervention of the powers that be! Please organize the participants so that each sect does not fight and let everyone successfully depart for the demonstration. This is a puzzle game.

PON! in Riot Police

(Translation complete)
A nostalgic old-fashioned “Hit and wear it” action game. However, your opponent is the riot police! You are the red-helmeted warrior of justice, fighting the tyrannical riot police with rock-paper-scissors and harisen!

Reversi government

(Translation complete)
This board game answers the call to overthrow the government. The real government is unlikely to be overthrown, so let’s overthrow the game’s frames for now!


(Now translating!)
A website version of a simulation game that was popular in Japan in the 1990s. Enter the URL of a site, and you can quantify its fighting strength and make it fight. How strong is your favorite site?

Machi is a navigator

(Now translating!)
Machi-chan, a sub-character of “Yui is a Revolutionary,” will guide you through the contents and help you with simple conversations (the display will be corrupted in browsers other than IE).

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