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Souka Kousuke (草加 耕助)

Site administrator. Born and raised in Kyoto. Formerly a leftist of the Bund (Battle Flag and Communist League), but now just an ordinary old man. I hate “politics”. My dream is to see the death of politics as we know it today, and for people all over the world to be able to live peacefully without thinking about politics.
(self-introduction / Article by Kosuke Soka)

jrl anima

I am the administrator of a personal website called “Japan Revolutionary League (JRL)” and this account will be called “jrl’s Anime Channel” and will be a place for revolutionary anime reviews and anime-related exchanges. I may not update this page very often, but I hope you will enjoy it.
(Article by JRL / Web site)

Shibuya Kaname (渋谷 要)

Born in Kyoto. Studies history of social thought. Former activist in the Bund (Bundt Hyuga-ha, formerly known as “Senkiha-Communist League,” dissolved in 2008) group, now an unaffiliated environmentalist Marxist. Author of “Hiromatsu Philosophical Notebooks,” “The Ecologist Rouge Manifesto,” “World Capitalism and Community: Nuclear Accident and Green Regionalism” and other works.
(Article by Kaname Shibuya / works / Web site)

Nakano Yukiko (中野 由紀子)

Nice to meet you. My name is Yuki-chan (^^@)/
I hate insensitive sexual harassers. I didn’t know about leftists until I became an adult. I want someone to make a special helmet for me. I want a cute one.
(Article by Yukiko Nakano)

Osamu Ajioka (味岡 修)

Writer, pen name Osamu Mikami. Entered Chuo University in 1960 and participated in the Security Treaty Struggle, and became chairman of the Socialist Student League. As a student, he frequented the home of Mr. Takaaki Yoshimoto and was influenced by his ideology. He joined the Bund and became the leader of the Communist League Hanki faction. In 1975, he resigned from the Hanki faction and turned to writing. Currently involved in activities such as stopping the revision of Article 9 of the Constitution and anti-nuclear power.
Osamu Ajioka’s articles / works)

Toda Hisayoshi (戸田 ひさよし)

While belonging to civic movements such as “Shimin no Kizuna Osaka” and a hard-line labor union called “Rentai Rouso(Solidarity Union)”, he was happily and vigorously working as the only independent leftist councilor in Kadoma City, where 17 out of 22 council seats belonged to the ruling party, but he was removed from the council in 2009 due to power suppression. However, he was removed from the council in 2009 due to the oppression of power.
(Article by Hisayoshi Toda / Web site)

Hara Takashi (原 隆)

Born in Hokkaido, Japan. Graduated from Kushiro Koryo High School and entered Osaka University of Arts in 1974. Joined the Bund and participated in the Communist League Houki Faction. After dropping out of university, he has been involved in solidarity activities in Sanya, Okinawa, Palestine, and other areas, as well as in the social movement NO-VOX. He has spoken and written extensively on social movements and political thought. He is also a martial artist with 30 years of Ryukyu Karate experience. He is the author of “The World Can Change in the 21st Century!” and other works.
(Article by Takashi Hara / works)

zigzag association (ジグザグ会)

We are a loose network of individuals who are free to come and go as they please, and who think about nuclear power plants and other social issues. We call ourselves “Zigzag Kai” because we want to be bold, even if we are a bit lazy. We are usually active mainly on the Internet, and meet about once a month for free participation in actions, exchanges, and learning.
(Article by ZigZag association / Web site)

Joban Conventionalist (常磐在来線主義者)

Greetings to all visitors of “Hata-Hata” I tweet from Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture. The contents of my tweets are only reprints from mixi and retweets of tweets that interest me !(^^)! I also belong to what is generally recognized as the “left wing” in terms of politics, so please be careful if you don’t like it… I also love trains and am a FC Mito Holy Hock supporter. Please take care of me.
(Article by Joban Conventionalist)

Tukasa kyuji (司 宮二)

Basically, I am an uncle ROM. I would like to introduce articles and information that I find interesting while cruising the Internet. If you have any complaints, please send them through the contact form, stating that they are addressed to Tukasa. I will leave everything to Mr. Soka, but thank you in advance.
(Article by Kyuji Tsukasa)

Guest (Reader Submission)

One-off submissions by readers, articles
requested for publication, etc.

Article by Guest Post

Thanks to you for reading all the way to the end!

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