Full Movie “Amateur Riot 2007” with English subtitles

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Documentary film “Amateur Riot” with English subtitles

The “Amateur Riot” arose spontaneously from a group of young people with their own stores in the shopping district of Tokyo Koenji. Led by Hajime Matsumoto, an owner of a used electronics store, they have built a unique culture rooted in their sphere of life through Internet radio distribution and community activities.


They resist the one-sided regulations and oppression from above, and come up with a plan to use the ward assembly elections to “turn the town into a playground”…

This is an anarchic, heartwarming and comical “post-revolutionary world” documentary film.
“demonstration against the PSE Law,” “free lent!” etc. closely following a year in the life of Hajime Matsumoto and his “Amateur Riot” friends, who launched numerous lawless rebellions with their strong DIY will.

Starting with the Yubari Fantastic Film Festival 2007, the film was screened in Germany, Korea, France, Taiwan, China, Indonesia, and other countries.

This film is a director’s cut version of the 2007 completed version with new material including the 2012 nuclear power plant revolt (around 1:24:30), which was released on the web.

Photography/Editor/Director: Yuki Nakamura
Directed by Yuki Nakamura
English subtitles by Jeremy Harley
Produced in 2007, Director’s cut version in 2012

The “Amateur Riot” and Hajime Matsumoto’s Writings


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