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CC License Indication

We have no intention of taking advantage of you. Feel free to use any text you like, as long as it is not commercial. Some restrictions apply to images. Other than that, you are responsible for your own decisions.

About Links

Needless to say, you are free to link to any page on this site as long as it is published on the Internet. Please note that in rare cases, the URLs of individual pages may have been changed or deleted due to renewal of the site structure. We try to avoid such cases as much as possible, but please understand if the link is broken.

Quotation and Reproduction of Texts

Anyone is free and unlimited. Whether it is the Internet, New Year’s cards, parliamentary speeches, love letters, etc., you are free to use it wherever you like and however you like. Except for commercial use, there is no need to contact us in advance (we would be happy to be notified after the fact if you like).

In addition, it goes without saying, but the link to the source of the quotation must be clearly stated. However, “vandalism requests” are not allowed (we’ll report you).

Reproduction of Photos and Images


 Please feel free to use any of my photos or images as long as they are not commercial in nature and do not “directly contradict” the purpose of this site. It is acceptable to have a little bit of critical opinion, but for example, using a photo I took of a meeting I attended in an article abusing the meeting is “directly contrary” to the purpose of this site, and is prohibited. If you put yourself in the other party’s shoes, you should be able to make a judgment about such standards in a very normal way. It is not because of copyright. It is a matter of human nature before the content of the claim.

 If you really want to use it for such an article, please embed a video I have uploaded to YouTube that you have permission to use, rather than reproducing it from this site (secondary use is prohibited unless otherwise stated).As you can imagine, I also think it is too childish to allow embedding once on a sharing site and then later complain that you don’t like the way it is used or delete the video for such a reason. If that’s the case, I think you should have made the video available only on your own site from the beginning. Also, I don’t need to mention it, but direct linking of images is not allowed.

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For items that are not my work

Basically, I have nothing to say, so please use your own common sense. For example, most of the images used to decorate the site and the materials used in the games are borrowed from material sites that have taken a lot of effort and love to create. Basically, please search and visit the material sites by yourself.

In addition, there have been many historical materials distributed by political groups long ago that have been published on the Internet, and I have never heard of anyone complaining about them. These political views created and distributed for the purpose of making them known to the public are completely different in nature from commercial content.

It is disgraceful, for example, to prevent publication or commentary on the basis of copyright rather than to defend yourself, no matter how inconvenient it is to you. There are such disgraceful people among right-wing racists in Japan, but fortunately, there are none among left-wingers so far.

Therefore, for now, we do not expect any complaints from you if you reprint these left-wing documents and photos, due to their nature (although we do not guarantee this in the future). But of course, this does not mean that you can do whatever you want. For example, you should ask for permission when you use them on commercial websites or in printed materials.

Documents from organizations that have already disappeared and you don’t know where to ask for permission are considered to be in the public domain. In the case of the disgusting right-wing racists, though, they will certainly use copyright as an excuse to block anything that is not good for them now (sneer).

Also, although it is sometimes misunderstood, what is displayed in the antenna is not the content of this site, but RSS feeds independently distributed by other sites, which are automatically displayed as they are without any modification at all. If you wish to use the RSS feeds for more than normal reference, please contact the site directly.

(February 20, 2010)