6.04 Stop Unauthorized Construction at Henoko! Action: Don’t build a new base in Okinawa!

#Stop unapproved Henoko construction! 6.4 Shinjuku action(18 min.)

The action was called for by “Don’t fill the Henoko Sea with sand and soil! Tokyo Area Liaison Group(The Umeruna-ren)”.
About 170 people participated, responding to Umeruna-Ren’s call. The action was in response to a large prefectural citizens’ action (880 people participated) held at the same time in front of the Henoko base gate in Okinawa. Former Henoko Prefectural People’s Vote Group leader Jinshiro Motoyama, 31, also participated in the event. A live report of the big action was also made live online from the Henoko site.
(Video by Okinawa Course)

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Stop unapproved Henoko construction!
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Please add the hashtag “#承認されていない辺野古工事をやめろ” .
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Campaign Objective

Last November, Okinawa Governor Denny Tamaki disapproved the application submitted by the Okinawa Defense Bureau for major design changes for the construction of the new Henoko base.

The reason for this is that the sea area where the base is to be built is covered with soft ground that is said to be “as soft as mayonnaise,” and it is impossible to improve the ground with the current technology and experience.
The reason is that it is impossible to improve the ground with current technology and experience, and there is no prospect of completing the project. It is also against environmental preservation.

The Defense Bureau, however, pretended to be a “private individual” and filed an “administrative appeal” for redress of people’s rights, forcing the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, who is affiliated with the Defense Bureau, to rescind his disapproval and force the governor to approve the project, a farce.
The governor refused, and to date, no approval has been given. However, the Defense Bureau is still continuing the illegal construction work.

This outrage must not be allowed to go against the will of the Okinawan people. Unapproved construction work should be stopped immediately.
We will hold campaigns in various locations to inform society at large about this issue.

Executive Committee for No Base Construction in Henoko
Christian Network for Peace-sticking
Protect Henoko and Takae! NGO Network

Campaign Leaflet
Campaign Leaflet

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