04.23 Demonstration at Russian Embassy in Japan: Putin stop aggression and war crimes now!

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stop! Putin Russian Embassy Demonstration

Contributor:Tukasa kyuji

NAJAT called for a rally and die-in at Mikawadai Park in Tokyo, and a march around the Russian Embassy, chanting “Putin stop aggression and war crimes now!” and a march around the Russian Embassy. Here is a report from ken23qu, who took the video.

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Activities on the day

  • Date: April 23, 2022 (Sat.) 3:00 p.m. – Rally 3:30 p.m. – Demonstration starts
  • Gathering: Mikawadai Park (near Roppongi Station)
  • Actions: Rallie, die-in, demonstration
  • Speech: Hayashi Masaaki (journalist) YouTube,Twitter
    Katou Naoki (nonfiction writer) Twitter,FaceBook and others
  • Call: NAJAT(Network Against Japan Arms Trade)

In addition to Mr. Hayashi and Mr. Kato, speakers at the rally included the Japan Peace Committee, “NO! Action for Great Military Expansion and Base Strengthening,” and DAME-Ren.

The demonstration was supposed to pass in front of the Russian Embassy, but was ordered to be changed the day before due to a hasty maneuver by the public security authorities. It was regrettable.

After a mini rally at Shiba Park, the goal of the demonstration, we moved to the usual intersection near the Russian Embassy and raised our voices for a short time. We hope you will take a look at the video.

Thank you all for your hard work & thanks for the hot weather. Democracy is from the streets. So, see you again soon? See you on the street somewhere! (ken23qu)

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written appeal

Kouji Sugihara’s Blog」より

Despite the revelations of numerous atrocious war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by Putin’s Russian military, there is concern that this will not stop, and may even grow.

We are limited in what we can do, but I believe it is the minimum responsibility of citizens to continue to express our “NO!” .
We organized a march to the Russian Embassy, which has rarely been held in Japan. The course will pass in front of the main gate of the embassy.
There will be a die-in in the park before the demonstration departs. We encourage you to spread the word and join us as many people as possible.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission twisted the course on the day before the demonstration, citing “maintenance of public order,” despite the fact that the application was filed with the Azabu Police Station and the Metropolitan Police Department for the course to pass in front of the embassy after confirmation.

This is no better than Russia! This is an infringement of the freedom of expression guaranteed by the Constitution. On the day of the demonstration, we will raise our voices with ingenuity while resolutely protesting!

Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission must stop suppressing #0423 Russian Embassy demonstration under the pretext of “maintaining public order!

Ukraine is a crime scene,” said ICC Chief Prosecutor Khan, who entered the “massacre town” of Bucha on April 13. The massacre of civilians, torture, rape, forced transportation (abduction), indiscriminate bombing, and all other war crimes have been committed by President Putin’s Russian military. There is even a fear that these crimes will escalate in the future.

Volunteers carry the bodies of civilians in Bucha (Co. 2020.04.03)

We have insisted on making visible our solidarity with the people of Ukraine, who are under bombing and endure starvation and terror under siege, and with the people of Russia, who raise their voices against the war even under harsh repression. Various arguments are being made about the war of aggression against Ukraine, but shouldn’t they be made while taking action?

It has already been two months since the start of the invasion, and we would like to reiterate our call for Putin, one of the biggest war criminals, to stop his aggression and war crimes and withdraw from the region. Holding Putin and others accountable for their war crimes will also deter war crimes by other countries.

After a series of actions against the Russian Embassy, including an emergency protest on February 25, the day after the invasion began, a die-in on March 10, and a candlelight action on April 6, we are calling for a demonstration to the Russian Embassy on the 23rd. Let’s raise our voices together!

*This is a non-violent action.

Ukraine: Numerous testimonies show Russian troops killing civilians and committing war crimes
(April 14, Amnesty)

Ukraine is ‘Crime Scene’ ICC Chief Prosecutor Visits Site
(April 13, AFP)

Russian Military Attack on Ukraine “Constitutes War Crime”
OSCE report (April 14, Mainichi)

JVC Radio #5
Japan’s Defense Equipment Assistance to Ukraine” (Koji Sugihara)
YouTube https://youtube.com/watch?v=BnjKyQ33wqE
Spotify https://open.spotify.com/episode/2nFgFCB9hSbHmUwRJKH4Rr
Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/user-14025620/jvc-radio-5
*Interview by Mr. Takaki Imai of JVC (Japan International Volunteer Center). He speaks from a wide range of perspectives. This is Sugihara’s personal view.


[call: NAJAT(Network Against Japan Arms Trade)]
<Contact information>
TEL 090-6185-4407 (Sugihara)

[Endorsing Organizations] (as of April 21)
Japan Peace Committee
NO! Action for Great Military Expansion and Base Reinforcement!
Group Opposes Arms Trade Fair at Makuhari Messe
Freelancers General Labor Union
Chorus for the Future
Chechen News Editorial Office

◆Please also continue to urge the Russian Embassy
TEL 03-3583-4224
FAX 03-3505-0593

Links, etc.

Books by Hayashi Masaaki et al.


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