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Documentary film that approaches the reality of discrimination against foreigners, including official hatred against foreign schools, technical trainees, refugees and the Immigration Bureau.

There are 210,000 foreigners living in Japan (as of June 2021). Over time, many Japanese people have now lived together with them in various parts of the country, and multicultural conviviality is becoming a reality in all areas of society. On the other hand, however, it is also true that discrimination and prejudice against foreigners still remain strong.

In March 2021, a Sri Lankan woman, Wishma Sandamari (33), died at the Nagoya Immigration Office. It is no exaggeration to say that her death reveals the dark side of the immigration system, which has been veiled for many years, and symbolises the history of discrimination against foreigners by public authorities.

Faced with the government’s overly discriminatory policies and the immigration authorities’ violent response, foreigners complain in unison. “We are not animals. We are human beings!”

In his previous film “Ai’s School“, director Kosan Yu focused on the issue of discrimination against Korean schools, which received a great deal of publicity both at home and abroad. In this film, he highlights the policy towards all foreign residents in Japan.

The MUNO Takeji Award for “WATASHITACHIHA NINGENDA!” Documentary film on discrimination against foreigners living in Japan.

The fifth award of the Muno Takeji Prize for Community and People’s Journalism, in the spirit of the late journalist Muno Takeji, who continued to appeal against war, was announced on 22 March, with the documentary film WATASHITACHIHA NINGENDA!.

Film by filmmaker Kou chanyu (75), Osaka, Japan. The film was commended for depicting pre-war colonial policies and the treatment of Koreans in Japan after the war, interviewing victims who were persecuted in immigration detention facilities, and highlighting issues that continue to this day.

At a press conference held in Saitama Prefecture, Mr Gao said: ‘I want to eliminate the system in Japan that discriminates badly against foreigners as a whole. We will expand the screening of the film overseas as well”. (Omitted)

Tokyo Shimbun (22 Feb 2023)

Documentary (Japan) / 2022, 114 mins.
Directed by Kou chanyu.
Production: “WATASHITACHIHA NINGENDA!” Production Committee
Planning: life video work

Funeral of Wishma Sandamari, who died of abuse at the Immigration Department.

Book by director Kou chanyu


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