Japanese Anime:July to September 2022

by JRL Anime

 Well, it’s a little late, but here is my review of the anime up to last month.

Lycoris Recoil

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 This is an original animation of this season. It is a story of two people who fight without killing their targets in the “DA,” an organization that eliminates entities that seek to harm society behind the scenes.

 The “licorice” that makes up the DA is composed of orphans whose family registers do not exist.The organization is like the secret police under the Chauşescu regime.Even if they are killed, the case they are involved in is treated as an accident.There is no depiction of grief over the death of a friend until the end of the film, and the film is thoroughly treated as an expendable piece of equipment.

 The storyline is a bit rough, but the development of the meaning of saving a life and changing the people around him, including his partner Takina, was interesting, even if the setting and storyline were not as rough as in past anime (I have the impression that they tried not to make the story too serious).

 Immediately after seeing the ending of the last episode, I felt somewhat uncomfortable. However, it seemed to me that it was good in the sense that I would live with all the karma of the benefactor who saved my life.The ripples created by the stone named Majima, thrown into a fictional peace, will not disappear, and those who question it will not be stopped.Perhaps a sequel will be made.

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SHADOWS HOUSE 2nd season

シャドーハウス 2nd season
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 This is the second season of the anime that aired last year. The relationship between the living dolls and the shadow is revealed, and the mystery of the pavilion deepens.

 The struggle between Emirico and Kate to resist the mansion that brainwashes and exploits people as living dolls is just beginning.

Rent-A-Girlfriend 2nd season

彼女、お借りします 2nd season
Official website

This is the second season of an anime that aired last year. It is mildly developed as a romantic comedy for a shonen magazine, but just looking at Kazuya’s dialogue, I think it could be very hard and rough depending on how it is portrayed, since he is a bad guy who is into casting. That is what intrigued me.

As I mentioned in last year’s review of “Ushijima the Loan Shark” about the similarities with Fuzoku-kun, both Sano and Kazuya are bad people, but seem to be going in somewhat different directions.

Sano is a man who has reached middle age without having accumulated anything, and while he has little self-esteem, he has a high sense of pride. Therefore, he relies on women for temporary self-affirmation. Kazuya, on the other hand, is a university student around 20 years old who is unable to find himself because of his youth, and is smitten by Ichinose-san, who is pursuing his dream with all his might.

Sano is a bad person who stands out for his scrappiness and inability to think of anything but himself and his immediate future from beginning to end, while Kazuya is a bad person who stands out for his inability because he is serious in some places and kind to others. Both have a strange reality that seems to exist in real life.

The relationship between Mr. Mizuhara and Kazuya could easily turn into the relationship between Mizuki and Sano from Ushijima-kun. Kazuya will be slacking off without finding himself, and Mizuhara-san will be clinging to his dreams, and when they are both near their thirties, it will be Ushijima-kun’s world. By that time, there will likely be a knife fight by Nanami, Sarashina, or Kazuya.
But it’s a boys’ manga, so I’m sure it won’t turn out that way.

Kakegurui Twin

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This is a spin-off of “Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler” featuring Meari Saotome.

While Yumeko is a gambling maniac, Meari, who has the goal of rising to the top, maintains her sanity amidst the oddballs of the school. The way she trusts her friends and fights with them is unimaginable since the first time she fought Yumeko. We look forward to the sequel!


Official website

This is the third season of an anime that aired in 2020. The production was funded by crowdfunding and tax payments from the hometowns, and the content could be mistaken for a travel show, with the Evil Gods’ group going to Hokkaido and Nagasaki.

Aside from the pros and cons of the fundraising method, it also makes the work chaotic. I do not expect sanity from this work.

They are currently seeking funds for the production of the fourth season through crowdfunding.

The Devil Is a Part-Timer

Official website

This is a sequel to an anime that aired 9 years ago. I wrote quite harshly about it 9 years ago, but when I watch it now, it is not that bad.
However, nine years is a long time, and I could not understand why they decided to produce the second season now.

 Starting this month, we plan to watch “SPY x FAMILY” and “POP TEAM EPIC”.

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Thanks to you for reading all the way to the end!

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