2002 Siggy Yoshida, cameraman on crutches, reports on the ground in Palestine.

anti-war video

Palestine coverage 2002

A video from Palestine (2002), which I went to cover with journalist Takumi Kon, who died at the end of August 2016 at the age of 54.
Kon’s love of football and desire for peace in Palestine is reflected in the book ‘Shooting from a Country Not on the Map – The Struggle of the Palestinian National Football Team- ‘(Iwanami Shoten).
filming:Kanoh Yamaguchi
(From Siggy Yoshida’s YouTube channel)

Siggy Yoshida
Photographer on crutches, cervical cord injury (C4 & C5) in 1982 during rugby training. Now 58, a little late, struggling to raise children, sons aged 9 and 17, full of energy. Official ‘Brain Police’ photographer/Kodo/Counterculture/US culture/Palestinian conflict. Enjoys swimming, rock, new gadgets, social networking, rehab, playing with kids, watching rugby, dogs and cats. Published autobiography ‘To You, a 17-Year-Old, a Scrum of Hope and Renewal‘.
(From Amazon author page, as of 2023)

Official website, ‘Photographer on crutches’
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Story by Siggy Yoshida, cameraman on a pine needle (Mainichi News official).

-Books by Mr. Yoshida and Mr. Kon-



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