Shinjuku demo in solidarity with Ukrainian resistance 23.02.2023

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 On February 23, 2023, the day before the first anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, there was a rally and demonstration in Shinjuku, Tokyo, in solidarity with Ukrainian resistance. Organized by the Ukraine Solidarity Network.”

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 The event was small (48 people at the rally, 43 at the demonstration), but it was significant. It was a demonstration of solidarity with the Ukrainian people against the war, not just a general statement of peace or opposition to aggression.
 Since the full-scale invasion, some leftists and liberals who have been calling for anti-discrimination, anti-war peace, human rights, etc., have completely ignored the Ukrainians concerned by copying and pasting President Putin’s arguments and calling it imperialist war, proxy war, etc.
 It was in this context that the February 23 demonstration took place, with leftists and liberals clearly supporting the Ukrainian resistance. (From Hayashi Masaaki’s channel)”

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