30 Jun 2013, Shin-Okubo (Shinjuku,Tokyo) protest against racist ‘hate demonstration’ [video]

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Racists & Anti-Racists in Shinjuku,Tokyo

 A racist group called Zaitokukai paraded through the Shinjuku,Shin-Okubo shopping arcade, which is home to many foreign residents, holding up the Hinomaru flag. They shouted “Kill the Koreans!” and other abusive language to residents and shoppers, lying that “this is a legitimate demonstration and speech” and “I am a representative of the Japanese people”.

 On this day, several times as many citizens as their self-proclaimed ‘demonstration’ gathered along the roadside, forming a human chain and standing in their path, protesting to ‘stop the rhetoric’ and ‘stop the hate’.

 We were unable to stop the racists’ ‘demonstration’ because the police interfered with the citizens’ protest, but many citizens continued to protest against the racists afterwards, defying police interference and showing the conscience of the Japanese people.

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