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 Hi, this is Soka. I have been neglecting my blog, but I also have a lot of videos at hand. I’ve been thinking of editing them and publishing them, but the days pass by in no time. Editing videos is very hard, so I can’t do it when I’m mentally exhausted.

 I looked into various tools to make things a little easier. Then I wanted to try my hand at making my own explanatory video format, which I often see on YouTube. For the time being, I thought it would be a verification and practice, so I tried to make the following video using some of my favorite entries from the past as material. It’s not very good, and there are some typos, but since I made it, I’m releasing it as the first prototype. If you like it, please subscribe to our channel and click the “rate” button.

The original article is here

 The original article was written in 2006, and when I made a digest version of it, cutting out all the topical and personal parts, I ended up with a very eloquent sentence.

 I had thought that the commentary video format would be troublesome, but when I tried it, I was surprised to find that it was much easier than editing a normal video shot. I see that this makes it possible to mass-produce commentary videos. The subtitles are a bit of a hassle.

 I used to have the prejudice that commentary videos (not all of them, I’m sure) were in essence a compilation of content and ideas created by others or simply searched on the Internet. And then they would put up incendiary phrases like “The startling truth that 90% of people don’t know,” or “The world was amazed! I am already fed up with such inflammatory phrases. I’m sick and tired of seeing not only the general public but also reporters from the online media giving titles that seem to be on the verge of being too much.

 That being said, I thought it might be interesting to use this kind of format in conjunction with a blog. Also, with the reporting videos we have published so far, what we are doing in editing is in essence the same as a home video, and I thought that by using this format together, we might be able to make it a little easier to understand in terms of content. I will make use of this in the future. Best regards.

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 The recommended videos that appear on the side of YouTube have thousands or tens of thousands of views, which may seem like a normal thing, but in reality, it is very difficult to get 100 views even if you just upload a video out of the blue.

 Since I heard that, I have been editing each video with the hope that the number of views will exceed 100 for now. I will be happy if this one gets 100 views. I don’t know if that’s possible with a video like this. I don’t know if I can do it with this kind of video, but I don’t know.

 I watched the anime “Oshi no Ko” and read the original story, which depicted idols placing importance on the Internet (especially YouTube). When I saw the names of minor idols in related videos or received flyers in Shibuya, I took the trouble to check them out, but to my surprise, the number of subscribers to their channels was smaller than mine or not much different.

Quoted from Oshi no Ko

 It’s such a tough world even if a lot of people are so focused on numbers and working so hard. I can’t imagine an ordinary person trying to go beyond the realm of a hobby and become a YouTube star. I usually look at the top users as a matter of course, and my senses have become paralyzed, and I thought that my subscriber count was so small that it was embarrassing to even mention it, but now I realize that this number without doing anything in particular is actually at a level where I really need to thank everyone. I will have to work harder from now on, even though I am late to the party.

 Do you really care that much about the number of views or subscribers? I think that the more views and subscribers, the more motivated I am and the more work I can do. If the number increases, there may be some problems, such as the number of anti-climbers, but that is a luxury I cannot afford. Anyway, I hope that I will not become a slave to the numbers and fall into the trap of making a ridiculous title, and that I can enjoy myself first and foremost.

 I have no intention of becoming a YouTuber, but I would like to have over 1,000 subscribers to my channel in a few years and then maintain that level of subscribers while living a long, thin and enjoyable life with you all. I do not intend to absolutize my ideas and impose them on others. I am not a politician or an authority figure, so I don’t think anyone has any particular right to complain to me. Therefore…

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